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Bv. Los Polacos 6751 - CP X5022GGJ
Bº Los Boulevares

The new Laboratory has a covered area of around 3,000 m2 and an area of almost 8,000 m2. The fully sanitary facilities and modern equipment will allow the development of new technologies applied directly to our products and to all the production and logistics processes that take place in the company.

Tel: +54 (03543) 404155 / 404119
E-mail: info@primaimplantes.com

Santiago del Estero
The factory is located at Belgrano Avenue 3931 – CP G4204AAM
Bº América del Sur

The plant was inaugurated in April 2011. The factory is located at 3931 Avenida Belgrano Sur street, in a 450 m2 covered area. It was equipped with the latest technology in the preparation and conditioning of prostheses and trauma implants, shaping a model factory. The plant has got a staff of 25 employees.

Tel: +54 (0385) 4968106
E-mail: suc.santiagodelestero@primaimplantes.com

Buenos Aires
Av. Belgrano 2264 CP C1094AAR
Bº Balvanera

Tel: +54 (011)-52193110 - 52182401
E-mail: sucbaires@primaimplantes.com

Coronel Moldes 137 - CP A4404GDC
Bº Centro

Tel: +54 (0387)-4216629
E-mail: suc.salta@primaimplantes.com

Entre Ríos
Av. Almafuerte 1128 - CP E3100SLY

Tel: +54 (0343)-4243721
E-mail: suc.parana@primaimplantes.com

Alte. G. Brown 698 - CP H3500AFN

E-mail: suc.chaco@primaimplantes.com

Both the Córdoba and Santiago del Estero plants produce the full range of products. They have the ability to elaborate from simple pieces, like pegs, to more complex pieces like knee or hips. The processes carried out in the factories are those of machining the pieces and polishing. Also, the quality control of the piece is carried out to verify that it complies with the dimensions and technical specifications, the laser engraving of the same, the washing and sanitizing, packaging and sterilization, labeling and storage.

Total staff including commercial offices: 200